jQuery Plugin to Make Column Heights the Same Size

jQuery Pluginequalize_column_heights is a simple jQuery plugin that will make a series of columns have the same height. This is useful for multi-column web page layouts where you want a series of columns to all have the same height. The plugin determines the height of the tallest column and then makes all the columns in the specified group the same height. This works even as content is added to the columns that increase or decreases the max height.

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jQuery CDN Link Problems with IE 9

CDN Link Problem with IE 9If you are using the Google or Microsoft CDN link to load jQuery you may run into problems with Internet Explorer 9 users. IE 9 includes a new feature called Tracking Protection which is designed to prevent sites from tracking you without your consent. An unfortunate side affect is that the default protection also blocks CDN links from popular CDN sources such as Google and even Microsoft.

A Simple Solution
The quick fix for this is to use a version that is CDN compatible with IE9. We recently tested jQuery 1.6.2 and it works fine with IE9. Earlier versions may also work but you’ll need to test each one.

Here’s one method for using the Google jQuery CDN:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.6.2/jquery.min.js”></script>

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How to Backup Delicious Bookmarks

Backing up Delicious Bookmarks

It looks like Yahoo’s Delicious bookmark service in going to be sold off. No telling what that means to subscribers and their bookmarks.

If you want to make sure you don’t loose any of your bookmarks it’s easy to download them into a format that is importable to other bookmark apps.

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CDN Link for jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Validate & jQuery Cycle Plugins

Updated: 02/22/2013

Using a CDN (content delivery network) can help pages load faster and reduce the strain on your web server by offloading the jQuery files to an external server. Here’s some links for commonly used jQuery files and plugins: Read the rest of this article »


List of PHP and MySQL Code Generators

PHP & MySQL Code GeneratorsIt’s both a dream and nightmare (if you make a living writing code) to have a tool that can turn a database into a fully functional application with little or no manual coding. Depending on your dream some of these tools may be just what you are are looking for, but none are likely to put traditional programmers out of business.

Some of these tools can rapidly build a fully functional application, but there’s more to most useful applications than simply displaying a list of fields for users to fill out and viewing the results from an admin only accessible area. Read the rest of this article »


How to format Date & Time input from a php form into MySQL UNIX datetime format

If you’re building any type of app that requires dates and times you’ll need to know how to convert user entered data into the MySQL datetime format.

The datetime format is: yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss

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Follow the Flash War

Flash War ArticleApple and Adobe are in a war over Flash. Here’s a list of articles covering the feud:

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Common Website & Web Design Terms

Common Website TerminologyImprove your web design and website development dialog by using the proper website terminology. The chart below displays the terms over-layed on a site for visual reference.

Terms included: banner, header, footer, menu, drop down menu, tabs, url, address, domain name, widget, social links, banner ad, block ad, slider, carousel, slide show, box & module. Read the rest of this article »


Javascript Compiler from Google

Google has released a javascript utility called Closure Compiler to compact javascript code so it will run faster and download more quickly. The utility also helps find javascript errors. A Google add-on for Firebug is available to work with the ‘compiled’ code.

Check out these links for more details:

Closure Compiler Home Page | Closure Compiler Online Tool

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iPhone Apps for Webmasters

Here’s some iPhone apps webmasters might find useful:

Search for apps by the names below in the app store.

Access FTP servers directly from your phone and perform common ftp functions like file transfers, change permissions CHMOD, text editor, etc. One question I’m not sure about – is it safe to access ftp from a cell phone?

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