Top 10 jQuery Plugins and Resources

jQuery Top 10 Plugins

jQuery has gone beyond just simplifying the use of javascript. It has also provided the ability for creating modules and plugins that can be easily be shared and integrated into any site using  jQuery.

Here’s my top 10 favorite jQuery Plugins:

  1. Superfish – Suckerfish style drop-down menu
    Excellent plugin for enhancing css drop-down menus. Adds animation, automatic arrows for sub menus and more.
    Superfish | Demo
  2. Lightbox – Popup window for displaying images
    This is a very cool utility for creating popup windows for displaying images. Automatically adds navigation to browser through multiple photos.
    Lightbox Demo & Download
  3. PrettyPopin – Popup window plugin
    From the same soruce as the Lightbox plugin, this creates popup windows for any type of content.
    prettyPopin – Demo & Download
  4. Form Validation – Easy way to add form validation for email addresses and other data types.
    jQuery Validate | Demo
  5. Tablesorter – Adds interactive table sorting
    Clicking on column headings instantly sorts the table.
    Tablesorter | Demo
  6. Flexigrid – Adds advanced interactive features to tables
    Can connect to JSON and XML data. Supports sortable, resizable columns & rows plus more.
    Flexigrid Demo & Download
  7. Tabs Handler – Great for tabbed  sections
    Part of the jQuery UI creates slick looking tabbed panels to your web pages.
    jQueryUI Tab | Demo
  8. Carousel and Content Slider –  Display articles & photos in a pro-style carousel
    Agile Carousel | Demo
  9. jQuery UI Widgets & ThemeRoller – A collection of  widgets to add professional interactive features
    The widgets include a date picker, tab controls, slider and more – all with a very professional, unified appearance. Also checkout the ThemeRoller which skins the widgets – has pre-made skins or create a custom skin online and download it. Very cool!
    jQuery UI | Demo | ThemeRoller
  10. Image Crop – Add simple image cropping to a web page
    Jcrop | Demo

Let us know if you have a top 10  jQuery plugin.

DLL Written by: Don Lyckman
Don Lyckman is a Web Developer/Designer
Javascript, jQuery

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