Top 6 Essential Joomla Extensions, Components & Modules

Top Joomla Compnonents & ModulesIf you are just getting started with Joomla and are curious what components and modules can improve your site we’ve compiled a list you might find useful.  Here’s a list of  Joomla components almost every site will need:

  1. JCE Content Editor
    Upgrade your article editor with a more feature rich and powerful editor. Joomla has built-in user control, but JCE expands control by allowing you to set what editing features are available in the article editor.
    JCE | Demo (Login at JCE to see demo, access info is on the demo page)
  2. Joomlapack – Backup & Restore Utility
    Think your site will never crash? Then you truly are a newbie. Don’t get burned, back up your site in case of failure or your ISP suddenly disappears. Joomlapack turns backups into a simple task even a newb can handle.
  3. DOCman – Document Manager
    Visitors get frustrated when they can’t find an important document. Reduce your visitors stress and yours by keeping documents organized. DOCman is a great solution – it handles uploading, categorizing and displaying files like pdf, excel, word, and more.
  4. jEvents – Traditional Web Calendar & Events List
    Add a calendar to your site along with display a list of upcoming events. This one requires installing more than module – the calendar and events are separate features so be sure to read the details to get the correct modeules installed. As an alternative if you want use a google calendar on your site use the gcalendar module which will embed a google calendar into your site.
    jEvents | Demo or Google Calendar
  5. jForm – Add simple forms to your site
    At some point you’ll want to collect data for a mailing list, contact form, lost pets, feedback, etc. jForm is a simple drag and drop visual forms creator that install in seconds and is very intuitive to use. The visual designer which makes forms creation very intuitive. Not all the form components offer a visual designer.  Forms can be be their own article or embedded in other articles.
    jForm | Demo
  6. JoomlaComment – Let visitors add comments to your articles
    Letting people post comments to articles is a great way to get feedback and build a community. This component is simple to install and then insantly people can post comments to articles. A configuration screen uses CAPTCHA to filter out spam bots. Additional options let you exclude some article from being comments on as well as access level for who can post comments. It would be cool if it supported gravatars, but maybe in a future upgrade.
    JoomlaComment | Demo
DLL Written by: Don Lyckman
Don Lyckman is a Web Developer/Designer

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