iPhone Apps for Webmasters

Here’s some iPhone apps webmasters might find useful:

Search for apps by the names below in the app store.

Access FTP servers directly from your phone and perform common ftp functions like file transfers, change permissions CHMOD, text editor, etc. One question I’m not sure about – is it safe to access ftp from a cell phone?

Perform Whois searches, DNS Information, Webanomics (Page Rank, Traffic Scores, Ranking, etc), IP Lookup & What My IP

PS Mobile
Mini version of Photoshop allows basic image editing and cropping.

Source Viewer & Web Source Viewer
Two apps for viewing the source code for web pages. Source Viewer has more features such as color highlighting but it costs $.99. Web Source Viewer is free, but has less features.

Database Viewer Plus
Definitely not a freebie at $39.99, but if you need MySQL access from your iPhone this could be the ticket. Also supports numerous other database types: Excel, FilePro, Oracle, SQL, DB2, dBase & more.

Jaadu VNC, Mocha VNC
Access a computers desktop on your iPhone. Displays the computers desktop so you can remotely control the pc. Search for ‘VNC’ in the app store for a complete list of apps in this category.

iSSH & TouchTerm SSH
Apps that give you SSH access to your server. You;re a webmaster so of course you know what SSH is. Search for ‘SSH’ in the app store for a complete list.

Network Ping
Perform Ping, Traceroute and Telnet using this app. Search the app store for ‘Network Ping’ for more apps like this one.

HTML Writer
Text based editor for HTML files. Files can be edited, but also uploaded and downloaded using the built in ftp feature.

Access Your Desktop Computer from your iPhone
Though not specifically web tools these programs offer the ability to access your home or work pc from your iPhone giving the ability to use any web tools you have available.Search for these by name in the App store or just search for ‘desktop':

  • Desktop Connect
  • Remote Desktop Lite
  • RDM+ Lite
  • WinAdmin
  • Jump Desktop
  • iTap RDP
  • JumiMouse+

Please add comments if you know of other useful apps for web masters.

DLL Written by: Don Lyckman
Don Lyckman is a Web Developer/Designer

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