CDN Link for jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Validate & jQuery Cycle Plugins

Updated: 02/22/2013

Using a CDN (content delivery network) can help pages load faster and reduce the strain on your web server by offloading the jQuery files to an external server. Here’s some links for commonly used jQuery files and plugins:

Name Version Website CDN Link
jQuery CDN
1.9.1 jQuery
jQuery UI CDN
1.10.1 jQuery UI
jQuery UI Theme CDN 1.10.0 jQuery UI
jQuery Cycle CDN
2.99 Malsup
jQuery Validate CDN
jQuery Validate CDN
Additional Methods
jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 jQuery Mobile
jQuery Mobile Theme 1.3.0 jQuery Mobile
Datatables 1.9.4 Datatables
Backbone BackboneJS
Ember EmberJS

How to use the jQuery CDN links in a web page

The links should be inserted between the <head> tags using the <script> tag as show here:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”PUT CDN LINK HERE“></script>

Please add a comment if you have additional jQuery CDN links that should be included.

DLL Written by: Don Lyckman
Don Lyckman is a Web Developer/Designer

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