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jQuery Plugin to Make Column Heights the Same Size

jQuery Pluginequalize_column_heights is a simple jQuery plugin that will make a series of columns have the same height. This is useful for multi-column web page layouts where you want a series of columns to all have the same height. The plugin determines the height of the tallest column and then makes all the columns in the specified group the same height. This works even as content is added to the columns that increase or decreases the max height.

How it works:

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jQuery CDN Link Problems with IE 9

CDN Link Problem with IE 9If you are using the Google or Microsoft CDN link to load jQuery you may run into problems with Internet Explorer 9 users. IE 9 includes a new feature called Tracking Protection which is designed to prevent sites from tracking you without your consent. An unfortunate side affect is that the default protection also blocks CDN links from popular CDN sources such as Google and even Microsoft.

A Simple Solution
The quick fix for this is to use a version that is CDN compatible with IE9. We recently tested jQuery 1.6.2 and it works fine with IE9. Earlier versions may also work but you’ll need to test each one.

Here’s one method for using the Google jQuery CDN:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

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