Comparison Grid of Major Javascript Frameworks

Useful comparison grid of javascript frameworks – jQuery, Dojo, MooTools, Prototype, Ext JS, Spry, Yahoo, Scriptaculous, etc. Interesting that the page displaying the grid uses jQuery – not sure if that’s an endorsement or not. View Grid>>

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Codeigniter 2 Coming in Dec?

Update 01-11-2009 : It appears Amazon has removed the Codeigniter 2 book from their inventory. Anyone know the status of this?

Codeigniter 2 books are available in December from Barnes & Noble & Amazon. Is CI2 going to be released in Dec?


White House Website Using Drupal

According to Netcraft the White House has recently switched to using Drupal. Read More>>


Backing Up and Restoring MySQL Databases on your PC

MySQLRecently it became obvious that I really didn’t understand how MySQL stores databases on my PC and although I backup frequently, the files I thought were the databases were only the table structures. Not only that but restoring them was not a matter of simply copying the files back to my hard drive.

I was able to restore the databases, but discovered there are some pro’s & con’s to relying on a typical pc backup.

Here’s what I discovered: Read the rest of this article »


Top 6 Essential Joomla Extensions, Components & Modules

Top Joomla Compnonents & ModulesIf you are just getting started with Joomla and are curious what components and modules can improve your site we’ve compiled a list you might find useful.  Here’s a list of  Joomla components almost every site will need: Read the rest of this article »


Top 10 jQuery Plugins and Resources

jQuery Top 10 Plugins

jQuery has gone beyond just simplifying the use of javascript. It has also provided the ability for creating modules and plugins that can be easily be shared and integrated into any site using  jQuery.

Here’s my top 10 favorite jQuery Plugins: Read the rest of this article »

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Flash vs Javascript (jQuery) Pros and Cons

Flash vs JavascriptUntil the availability of Javascript libraries such as jQuery and MooTools adding animation and interactive features that don’t require reloading a web page were out of reach for many web designers/developers unless they used Flash.

This was largely due to Javascript implementations not being consistent in major browsers. Without using a Javascript library you need extensive knowledge about the inconsistencies between the browsers and extensive knowledge about Javascript in order to work around them.

jQuery and MooTools offer a library of routines that are cross browser compatible which greatly reduces the learning curve. These libraries also offer functions to handle many routine tasks making Javascript programming faster and easier to learn. Read the rest of this article »

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